Book Online!

We've just added a new feature to our BRAND NEW website!  Now you can book your grooming appointments online!  You can also click on the "Schedule Grooming" tab right from your Facebook page.  To celebrate we're giving you 10% off your groom with your first online booking! We look forward to seeing you!

Prince and Princess

It has come to our attention that due to the proximity of the Prince and Princess incident, people are thinking that our store was the one involved. We just wanted to set the record straight that although we are very close in distance to Prince and Princess, we have no affiliation with their owners, and definitely abhor the actions performed by Gloria Lee and her accomplice.

That being said, we will be offering free grooming services to the puppies rescued by the brave firemen before they go up for adoption, and again after they find their forever home.

We encourage you to let the DA know you appreciate the 27 animal cruelty charges he added to Gloria Lee, and to keep your thoughts with the puppies as they await their forever homes.

Thank you,

Sniffany & Co.

Dogs of Glamour

We are so excited to add the beautiful line from Dogs of Glamour to our store and our site!  Dogs of Glamour brings you quality designs from Los Angeles!  We found them last year and are excited to finally have the product on hand.  Come in today or browse the web store to check out these one of a kind, beautiful pieces!

New year, new site

We're sorry, we haven't been blogging and updating like we should. So let's start fresh okay?  I promise to keep up the blog with weekly posts from here on out.  Comment below with topics you would like to hear about and we will start next week! 

Remember Sniffany and Company for all your dog grooming, cat grooming, and pet needs! We're your pet's best friend!