Sniffany and Company has been doing a lot of research trying to find ways we can make our grooming experience more affordable and still provide the best service possible to our customers. We know things are tight and we have been trying to re-evaluate the way we do things so that you and your babies can still come in and get pampered! You know what we found out? We are the best value for the money! We compared ourselves to grooming shops in Las Vegas, the big names and the small names and we think that we come out on top! Here are our top reasons why:

At Sniffany and Company you get a one on one consultation with your groomer before and after your pets groom to ensure that the cut you want is not lost in the translation or misunderstood. This means that you know that the groomer understood your needs and will do your pet according to what you want, not what they think is appropriate. However, sometimes there are cases of matting so bad that we have no choice but to start fresh. After you pick your baby up, the groomer comes out again to tell you about your pets experience and make any necessary changes. "You know the chin could be a little shorter." Not a problem!

We could not believe our eyes when we saw that coat enhancing shampoos, optical brighteners, medicated, and moisturizing shampoos were an extra $10 on average! Not to mention extra conditioning! At Sniffany & Company you get the shampoo that is best for your pet, it doesn't matter what kind, and it is included. Every pet gets moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and if a different kind is requested, it's not a problem!

Whether you have a big shedder or a little one, everyone loves the FURMinator treatment. We found other salons charging as much as $15 extra for doing regular brushing with a different tool. Here at Sniffany and Company it's INCLUDED! We'll get out all that extra dead hair and reduce shedding for no extra charge.

EVERY pet leaves with a bow or bandana and cologne, unless we are asked not to. We found some salons charging for these grooming bonuses and we feel that every pet should go out with these included accessories! We feel these items are like the cherry on a sundae and no grooming experience would be complete without them.


When you come in for just a nail trim, we can clip and dremmel all for $10, some salons charge as much as $15 for just one of these choices!

Every pet receives an exhilarating hydro-massage while they enjoy their bath. This means that extra $15 some places charge for a massage, is included in our regular grooming.

Mohawks are very popular nowadays, and that may be why some Vegas salons are charging an extra $10 to do them. If you request a mohawk, we will not only give your baby that awesome style, we won't charge for it. In fact, you can take that extra $10 you saved by coming to Sniffany's and add some color to your pets style!

At Sniffany and Company we don't bring all our customers for the day in first thing in the morning and get them done whenever. We strive to get your pet back to you as soon as possible, usually around 2 hours if there is no matting or dryer fears. We know your pet would rather be home with you, but we try to make their stay as quick and fun as possible.

We don't want you to be fooled when you call and ask for pricing. Some places will tell you their grooming is as low as $20, but by the time you realize that your pets nail trimming, gland squeezing, special shampoo, and mohawk will add another $37-$40 to that, it doesn't seem as great of a deal. While at first our prices may seem high, not only are we competitively priced, the reasons listed above make us the best choice!